hand made 50s cardigan

Another vintage knitting project…

Another vintage knitting project…As any of you who follow my rather sporadic blogging will know, I do like to try to knit.I can knit but very, very, slowly. I am not great at knitting anything with a pattern – it takes all of my concentration to get the increasing and decreasing correct in plain garter[…]

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Another Vintage Knitting Project

Another Vintage Knitting Project This is my third attempt at knitting a vintage cardigan and I think I am gradually improving!! I’ve actually worn this one a lot, it fits better than any of the others and is a pretty straightforward style to wear. Again the pattern was a download from www.thevintageknittinglady.co.uk  I love this[…]

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My second attempt at knitting a garment

My second attempt at knitting a garment Knitting is something I’ve always wanted to do but never been able to master. I can crochet and sew to a reasonable standard but knitting has always alluded me and I hate to be beaten by something. My nan was a fantastic knitter and produced huge amounts of[…]

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