The Trials And Tribulations Of Wearing Vintage

I had this lovely little red and white gingham vintage cotton blouse. As with most of my vintage finds I remember buying it. I can still see the shop in my minds eye, we were driving through a small town in Texas and pulled over to have a look in a little vintage/thrift shop. I bought this blouse and a pair of bowling ball earrings. It was before we had kids so over 14 years ago. I’m not sure what it was about the blouse that I loved so much, it’s a pretty bog-standard sleeveless blouse. Maybe it just reminded me of a particular holiday. Anyway I got it out and put it on a while ago when the weather warmed up a bit.  All was fine until my shoulder got a bit itchy, I scratched the itch and the blouse fell apart!! So that’s the end of that. Certainly unrepairable and I guess I was lucky that I was at home when it happened!




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