Bestway nightwear catalogue

Last month I shared a scanned in version of Weldons home dressmaking magazine, this month I’ve spent a bit of time scanning in a Bestway Fashions no. 244 underwear, nightwear and pyjamas magazine.

It was in quite a state and my Photoshop skills are not the best but I think I’ve managed to make it look presentable. Again it has no date. My guess would be late forties – the Singer sewing ad mentions making your coupons go further so it was definitely before 1954 but I think that’s obvious from the styles anyway. I messed up a bit with the text in the centrefold and it didn’t match up when I tried to piece my scans together. You can see why I’m a textile designer and not a graphic designer!

Bestway fashions No.244

I just love everything in this magazine although I just know if I made any of it it would never be worn. I’m a bit of a jeans girl unless I’m going anywhere special when I do like to dress up and as for beautiful nightwear like this, well it just wouldn’t happen, so I’ll just dream…..

Bestway underwear nightwear and pyjamas
vintage slips
1940s Ovaltine ad
1940s night and daywear
1940s petticoats and camiknickers
Free pattern instructions
Pattern instructions
1940s pyjamas
Sylvan flakes ad
bias cut 1940s nightwear

These nightdresses look like something you would see on the Oscars red carpet, so beautiful. Obviously it helps that the models legs are drawn to look twice as long as they really would be in real life – interesting that that sort of thing went on even back then. 

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