Weldons Home Dressmaking Magazine

If you follow me on social media you will have already seen a couple of these pictures.

I bought a few vintage magazines a while ago from a vintage fair and have been scanning some of them in. The illustrations are beautiful so I’ve cleaned them up a bit and will share the whole magazine here.

This magazine is Weldons home Dressmaking No. 696. no date on it anywhere sadly.

I’ve not really got much to add except enjoy!

1950s dressmaking magazine

1950s advertisements

1950s vintage blouse

vintage sewing magazine

1950s blouses and jackets

1950s cable knitting pattern

50s slim and swinging skirts

1950s sewing advert

Weldons pattern

The coloured ‘Bargain Pattern’ page in the middle there was the centrefold. I managed to Photoshop out the rusty staples and the crease across the centre. Don’t you just love the illustrations, all from the days before computer. It must have taken real talent and maybe several tries to get something looking so beautiful .

If anyone is interested in the cable stitch jerkin knitting pattern but can’t see it well enough, let me know and I’ll email it to you.

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