Hand made placemats

Just a quick post to show you all something I made recently.

I really liked the idea of having some placemats to match my Melamine coasters so set about sewing some up.

I wanted them to be double sided and found a tutorial on Google that looked interesting and that I thought relatively easy. (Famous last words…)

1950s fabric placemats

Boomerang fabric placemats

Basically the pattern called for 2 rectangles with one being about 1.5” larger all around.
The smaller one sat centered on the larger one with wrong sides of the fabric together.
This sounds really simple but I really struggled, the corners of the larger rectangle had to be mitered to sit over the edge of the smaller rectangle.
It’s difficult to explain in words and It took me forever to get the corners to sit to my satisfaction.
I ended up wishing I’d just hemmed a rectangle of fabric and left it at that!

50s mid century placemats fabric

midcentury fabric placemats and coasters

I did finally manage to get them right, or at least as right as I could manage.

As you can see from the photos my edges aren’t particularly straight but I’m happy with them.

Being a double layer of fabric they are a nice weight for a placemat and I do quite like the way the mitered corners and hem add an interesting border, although when my youngest lays the table she puts them the other way up so the border doesn’t show…..

Mid century melamine coasters

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