Sew your own makeup brush roll

This was originally going to be just a social media post but I had too many lovely photos so I’m making it into a blog post so that I can use them all.

At Christmas last year I was given a set of good quality makeup brushes. I’ve never had any decent makeup brushes. In fact the ones I had were from Asda and everytime I used them I ended up with loose hairs dropping all over my face. I don’t often use them since my daily makeup routine entails a bit of BB cream, some mascara and a bit of something on my eyebrows and if I’m going anywhere out of the house a bit of lipstick, but it’s nice to have them for when I’m going somewhere special.

I really did like the new ones though and when I received a voucher for my birthday I bought a few more of the same brand to cover anything I’m ever likely to need.

The only thing was they came in a plastic tray and I wanted them to be protected in a roll. The cheap Asda ones were in a roll so I decided I could make one myself using the Asda one as a guide but I also found loads of online tutorials. I can’t really link to any in particular because I kind of used a mashup of several different tutorials but if you just Google how to sew a makeup brush roll you’ll get loads of choice.

Home made make up brush roll

This was the finished result,

I am really rather pleased with it. Most of the online tutorials didn’t have the flap that covered the brush heads so I just copied the bottom half of the roll and reversed it. I added the binding to the free edge of the flap and then stitched it to the main part of the roll and sewed the binding to both pieces together.

The fabric was just some scraps that I had left over and I also used a layer of thin batting between the layers to give it a bit more body.

sew your own brush roll
sew your own make up brush roll

The beauty of making your own roll is that you can tailor it to however many brushes you have and their thickness. I’ve got a couple of spare slots at the end ‘just in case’

Home made cosmetic brush roll
How to make a cosmetic brush roll
Bespoke make up brush roll

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