Free knitting pattern 1950s ladies jacket

Lee Target free ladies 1950s knitting pattern

Sometimes I struggle to find ideas to share in my blog posts (and social media in general)
I tend to save interesting bits and pieces as I go about my week but occasionally I find I haven’t got anything that I want to write about.

That happened this week but as I was searching through my files and folders I came across a folder full of vintage knitting patterns that I had digitised about 10 years ago. I was going to list them on Ebay or Etsy to sell as digital downloads but never got around to it, so I thought I’d share one as a free download this month as my blogpost.

I just love this 1950s knitting pattern, I’ve not knit it myself – I’m not sure I’m that confident a knitter yet. I love the fitted waistline and the little pockets, and how great does it look with that matching beret? It is also in 3 ply and I struggle to knit with anything finer than a double knit.
Perhaps one day I will have a go, but in the meantime I’d love it if any of you out there want to have a go. Please send me pics if you do, I’d LOVE to see how it looks.

Click the button below for a downloadable PDF

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