Finished Garments In Coronado And Delano Fabrics

I thought the Coronado fabric was quite suited to a shirt or blouse and I liked the idea of adding one to my wardrobe so I settled on Simplicity 2076 for this garment.

50s shorts pattern

I made the sleeveless version. There’s not really too much to say about this pattern, I didn’t realise when I started it that it has no bust darts nor back darts so it doesn’t have much shape to it.  I like the front yoke gathers but in retrospect probably wouldn’t have made it since I prefer shirts to be at least slightly fitted. It’s fine when it’s tucked in so that’s how I’ll have to wear it! I think I might make a summer dress in Coronado (when I get time)

50s style clothing

One of the most complicated garments I made must have been the dress in the Delano print. Again it was a Butterick Retro ’52 pattern (B4919) and I found this one VERY challenging.

50s dress pattern

The pattern instructions say this is ‘easy’  The skirt part was easy – just 4 panels, but the bodice I struggled with. If you look at the pattern illustration you can see that the bottom half of the front bodice is wrapped around. It looks really simple but I sewed and unpicked and sewed and unpicked, and to be honest I’m still not totally happy with the way it turned out. It has a centre back zip and the front bodice wraps to the back and is held in place with hooks, then the tie ends wrap around to the front and cross over and are tied at the back. It is actually a very comfortable dress and quite flattering because the ties can be pulled slightly to fit perfectly but it will be a while before I attempt to make this one again!

50s dress

There were also MILES of bottom hem to sew too!

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  1. Stunning!!!!! I adore this style of fashion and so wish I could wear it. I, once again, love your fabric!!

  2. I’m sure you could wear this style Cindy, I really do think that the clothes from the 40s and 50s are so much more flattering than modern day clothes. Thank you again for your kind comments!

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