Sewing with fabric scraps, how to make a jewellery roll

Recently I was thinking about using up scraps of fabric and making something useful so I set about trying to find a pattern to use and share with you all.
In my Etsy shop I sell what I call ‘scrap packs’ which are useable bits and pieces of my prints. I try to make sure each pack contains roughly a square metre made up of various designs. These are ideal for this type of project.

Vintage jewellery roll

travelling jewellery case

I found a great pattern for a jewellery roll, something to pack jewellery in when traveling. I usually end up just putting mine in the bottom of a wash bag and it gets tangled up and all sorts, so thought this would be useful. It has a tie that you can slip rings onto and a felt strip at one end to fasten stud earrings through then 2 separate pockets for anything else you want to keep separate.
The pattern is by SewCanShe and is free to download from Craftsy here 

I think it is really cute.

sewing with fabric scraps

The pattern states it is for an experienced beginner and when I initially read the instructions through I thought it looked really tricky. However I found (as usually seems to be the case for me) that if I take my time and just follow the instructions for each step at a time it was OK. If I try to think ahead it confuses me and these instructions seemed to be well enough written not to confuse me. Always a plus!
The photo above shows the pieces you need to cut. The top two are the lining pieces and the felt pieces, whilst the bottom two are the outside pieces that will look best if they coordinate.

1950s sewing fabrics

Retro sewing projects

I used some leftover pieces of Bluemerang and Modesto with some plain white cotton for the lining and was very happy with the result. The only thing I changed was the fastening – I used a small button and loop rather than the frog.

If you give it a go let me know how you get on in the comments! You could even send me a pic if you’d like to.

travelling jewellery case

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