My 50s English Rose kitchen

I thought this month I’d share some photos of my English Rose kitchen.
I shared some of my bathroom when we decorated it a few months back so this completes the story.
When we moved into our house in 1995 (the days before Ebay and the Internet) there used to be a free ads paper called ‘Loot’ that I’m sure several of you will remember.
We were about 2 weeks from completing on the house when an ad appeared for a 1950s bathroom suite and an English Rose kitchen in Northolt North West London, only about 14 miles from us. We jumped on it and a short time later were the proud owners for the princely sum of £500!!

turquoise 50s kitchen

english rose kitchen

english rose kitchen units

1950s kitchen

It wasn’t what you probably imagine. It was in a dreadful state.
Luckily my husband is very handy and took it completely apart and we had all the separate parts sandblasted back to bare metal and he then resprayed each piece before putting it all back together.
It’s a bit like Meccano with all the nuts and bolts. We didn’t have much of the original worktops but luckily at that time Formica were still making the boomerang laminate which was perfect, and we managed to get hold of a few sheets and again my marvellous hubby made up the worktops.
The kitchen came with the original ‘Supataps’ which we had rechromed.
The only other thing we changed was the cupboard and drawer handles – the original ones were a yellowy orange and we decided to change them for stainless steel ones.
I love my kitchen and would never change it. 

50s formica diner

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  1. Lovely kitchen and snap by the way… I’ve got boomerang formica too but red handles on the kitchen. I love the stories of kitchens found in skips or in local ads. Mine was the same collected on the cheap and done up by my husband. What we couldn’t find we made at a local college night course (all the while me hiding my pregnancy while we used the tools and sheet metal folders!) Even had a lovely arrangement with another owner to swap handles, my cream for their red, all done on trust, by post! Those were the days…. As a result, like you I am sure, I will never part with the kitchen I’m far too sentimental about it.

  2. Hi, I am in need of 5 red ‘English Rose’ cabinet handles plus their chrome surrounds, would you have any I could purchase please? Many thanks

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