Lampshades in my new fabrics

I don’t often remember to mention the fact that I also sell lampshades made using my fabrics. The ones shown on my website all feature my first collection of dress fabrics and are all still available to buy but I have just made a few samples in my new interior weight fabrics.

Since these fabrics were designed with interiors in mind the colours are more subtle (or at least subtle for me!) than my dress fabrics. My amazing husband took these photos of the samples I made up for the mid-century Modern show last weekend and I am so pleased with them.

contemporary midcentury lampshades

I absolutely love them in these fabrics and cannot decide which my favourite is. Twilight looks so dramatic but I also love the atomic style of Telstar. I’d love to see the Sedona one in a Barbican apartment. In fact I’d love to see the Sedona fabric in a Barbican apartment. For some reason it just feels more 60’s or 70s and as if that would be its natural home. If any of you could sort that one out for me it would be much appreciated.


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