Retro kitchen roller blinds

You may already have seen these gorgeous photos on my social media but they are so amazing I think they are worth their own blogpost.

Way back in August we had a message from a lovely lady Helene at Revival Vintage. (Click here to visit their website.)

She was redoing her kitchen and was interested in our roller blinds and asked for a sample.

Things kind of progressed slowly due to Covid restrictions but I have to say I’ve been blown away by the finished kitchen

Swan retro dishwasher
midcentury kitchen
retro 1950s kitchen
atomic kitchen

I just love the way it has been styled, I love the dishwasher, the cooker, I love EVERYTHING!

Thanks so much to Helene for allowing me to share these amazing photographs.

homemaker plates
Retro kitchen blinds
pastel 1950s kitchen

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