Coats & Clark Fashions In Quick Crochet

Just take a look at this fantastic advert from the Coats and Clark ‘Fashions in Quick Crochet’ book for their ‘Speed-Cro-Sheen’ crochet yarn.

50s crochet cotton advert

I hope you all like the crafty things I share on here because I keep on finding more of them! Although I guess you don’t actually need to like crafty things to be able to appreciate this amazing vintage advert.
What an amazing name and what an amazing advert, I just love that type and those illustrations.

I found it in one of my vintage pattern books and thought it was too good not to share.

Also in the same book was this lovely article showing how to crochet your own trims to sew onto your dresses and blouses. If you fancy having a go at upcylcling some of your own clothes I’ve scanned in the pictures and instructions.
I particularly love the S-457 Ball Fringe Braid on that circle skirt. Looks as though it might be a bit too complicated for me, but I might have a go at the one on the top right that looks a little like ric-rac. I think I could mindlessly sit and make some of that whilst watching TV in the evenings.

hand made 50s crocheted dress trim

how to make crochet dress trim

I’d love to hear what you think to these posts. Do you like the crafty things I’m sharing? If you have a go at making any of them I’d love to hear how you get on with them.
Leave me a comment if you have any suggestions – I love hearing from you.

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