Butterick 9347 skirt made using my Biscayne print


The second garment I made was a skirt from the Butterick 9347 pattern. I was still trying to keep things simple (didn’t want to jump into anything too complicated too soon!) and this was basically a wrap-around skirt with a tie waist. As an added bonus it had lovely big pockets too, I love big pockets on skirts.

sew a 50s dress

The sewing was fairly straightforward.  The skirt was made from 4 pieces so it was just a matter of sewing the centre front seam and two side seams and viola a skirt (well almost) The pockets needed their edges turning in and sewing onto the skirt body and there is a centre front pleat to contend with but with careful pinning and pressing it worked out fine.

Finally I needed to sort out the waist – to ensure the waist didn’t stretch too much (it doesn’t actually have a waistband) I needed to baste a length of seam binding along the inside waist edge.  Then I made ties and attached those to either side of the skirt at the waist edge. Once the top edge was turned in, hemmed and top-stitched it all looked nice and neat.
All that was left was to make a  couple of small belt carriers to sit on either side seam at the waist and to finish the bottom hem.

I really should have taken more construction photos as I was sewing as I’m sure it would have been more interesting than just reading my description, but when I started sewing I didn’t realise I was going to be writing a blog! Another lesson learned!

The finished skirt
The finished skirt

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