Memphis Noir Circle Skirt

Still trying to keep things simple I made another skirt – this time though a circle skirt. I chose Butterick 6167 from my pattern stash, it only has 3 pieces so couldn’t be that difficult! Cutting it out proved to be one of the most difficult parts – although there are only 3 pattern pieces the two skirt pieces are big. I ended up cutting it out on my living room floor. Butterick 6167 After stay stitching the top of the front and back pieces to prevent stretching it was just a matter of sewing up the side seams leaving the left side open at the top for the zip.

Pressing the side seam
Pressing the side seam

Next up was to get the zip in – I don’t think I’ve ever managed to get a zip in properly first time. I usually have to unpick and resew at least twice but this one went in well. One of the best zips I’ve ever fitted I think so it deserves a nice big photo!

Zip inserted
Zip inserted

The next step was to fit the waistband,

Vintage dressmaking waistband
Waistband on

The last step was to hem the bottom. I learnt something really interesting here. The pattern instructions said to make a row of gathering stitches (just very big normal sewing stitches) close to the bottom edge of the fabric. Then turn up the skirt hem to the desired length. Then this is the bit I’d never seen before – I had to pull up the gathering stitches to gather the extra fabric in so that it could be neatly hemmed. Once the gathering was evened out binding tape was stitched around the gathered edge to hold the gathers in place then the hem could be neatly hand-stitched. That description is probably really difficult to follow, so here is another photo that I hope illustrates it better.

Vintage sewing gathered bottom hem
Gathered bottom hem

And that’s it! Ta da! Vintage sewing circle skirt

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    1. Hi Becky!
      My sewing skills are really not that advanced – I have to say vintage patterns are a bit trickier than modern ones due to the fact that they often don’t have markings to follow. For this reason I’d start with a simple modern pattern. Also have you looked at I’ve recently followed a free tutorial for fitting a concealed zipper and it was really useful. They have a good selection of online tutorials that you can purchase and follow at your own pace and they also have a few free ones for making bags and also a sewing machine basics one, might be a good start! Good luck and let me know how you go, Helen.

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