A Quick Look At A Few More Finished Garments

I am determined to finish showing the garments that I made using my 20th Century Cloth fabrics. It is taking me some time but to speed it up a bit I’m going to try to cover 2 garments in one post.

If I keep in the order that I made them the next in line is the Kona Bambusa print. I made this up using another of the Butterick Retro patterns – this one was 6582 and was a 1960 pattern.

butterick 50s dress pattern

I got completely carried away sewing this dress and forgot to take many photos. The main part of the dress was pretty straightforward with front and back darts – I love the part where you sew the darts and the side seams and you think you’ve made a dress and it feels completely amazing but then it gets tricky with facings and gathered bits and zips and stuff 🙁

The only construction photo I remembered to take was just as I was about to try to insert the zip,

Vintage dressmaking invisible zip

I did find the zip tricky, and also the facings, and the gathers at the shoulders. I really couldn’t get my head around how they were going to work so had to just religiously follow the pattern, low and behold they did work – looking back I’m still not sure how but they did!

Here’s the finished garment,

50s style dress

The next garment I made was a lovely little sleeveless top in the Skylon print. This time I used a ‘proper’ vintage pattern rather than a repro one. This was Butterick 7359.

50s shirt pattern

I LOVE this pattern, I’ve used it before to make view B – the collarless version but this time I thought I’d try view A with the collar. On the pattern illustration it’s not really obvious but the neck is open (otherwise it’d never go over your head!) and it has a side zipper at the bottom of the side seam. I’ve got NO construction photos for this one either but have to say it was pretty straightforward. I found the trickiest part to be getting the front facing to sit flat on the inside of the front opening. There are cute little gathers at the front where the collar joins and the armholes are sort of cutaway and I think very flattering.

And again here’s the finished garment,

50s style clothing

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  1. I just love your fabrics and pattern choices. They are simply fabulous!!! Thanks for sharing these!!

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