Final Blog Post On My Finished Garments!!

These are the final 2 garments that I made – well apart form a shirt that I made for my husband in the ‘Modesto’ print. Maybe I’ll be able to persuade him to model it for a couple of photos, but for now I’m happy that I have managed to show the ones that I made for myself.

I also briefly mentioned these two garments back here when I thought it would encourage me to finish them quicker if I made them as part of a Sew-Along.

The first and easiest was this skirt in my Senora print,

I LOVE this pattern envelope, It is a mail order pattern from The Weekly Star Farmer, Kansas City Missouri. This pattern has fascinated me since I bought it – I love the fact that it has the name and address of the person who bought it (Mrs Wayne Buelling, Stover Missouri 2780-28)  I did get a bit obsessed and tried to see if I could find the address on Google Earth and I also got slightly more obsessed and tried to date the postmark but despite finding several websites on the subject I was unable to date it. This is probably the reason I’m only now blogging about making the skirt 8 months later!

I was really pleased that I managed to make this skirt out of just a metre of fabric.

I always like to finish all my seams properly. I know that no one actually sees them but I can’t bring myself to finish them with pinking shears or an overlocker.

I really like the little straps/belt carriers on the front of the skirt. They were easy enough to make but tricky to get positioned equally,

They each have a button stitched to hold the lower flap in place – I’ve only just sewn one on here,

And here’s the final product,

I have a belt in orange that I meant to put on too but forgot – thinking about making a top in lemon yellow to try with the skirt but not sure if black isn’t better?

Last but not least is the second garment I made for the Sew-Along, I made another Butterick Retro ’52 pattern B4790.

I’d had a heads up on this pattern from Cindy at Edelweiss Patterns Blog  She explained that a lot of the ‘Retro’ patterns are redesigned for the ‘modern figure’ and that if I went ahead and made it as per instructions it wouldn’t look much like the pattern illustration. She was right – if you read her blog post there are photos of how it would look and that wasn’t the look I wanted. I followed the directions and it worked perfectly.

sewing a 50s dress

sewing a 50s dress

And here it is, I’m so glad that I read Cindys blog or I would have been really disappointed with the result but as it is I love it.

50's dress

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  1. Your material is just fabulous and you really can wear these outfits and show them off perfectly!!! You should be proud of your materials and the amazing job you have in recreating the style from back in “the days.” How I adore that style!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comments – it has been a real labour of love sewing with fabrics that I designed myself – I need somewhere special to go to now to wear them!!

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