A belated look at my finished garments


Way back on the 9th October last year I posted on my Facebook page that I’d blog about the garments I made with my 20th Century Cloth fabric.

Well 3 months on and here I am, finally! I am struggling with finding time to keep up with the social media side of running a business but am going to try harder to post more often this year.

I actually made 10 garments in all, but only have pics of 9 of them to show you because the 10th one was a shirt for my husband in the ‘Modesto’ print. I don’t have any photos of that since he is a bit camera shy!


The first one I made was using the ‘Atomic Blonde ‘ print. I used Simplicity 4647 from 1954.

My sewing skills are pretty much self-taught, I’ve never attended classes and tend to learn by my mistakes. I find it to be pretty similar to cooking, if you can follow a recipe you can probably follow a pattern! Having said that the vintage patterns are often a bit more difficult to follow – their instructions are often less detailed than modern ones and I have often had to ‘Google’ certain terms because I haven’t a clue what they mean!

Anyway I thought starting with a top would be simple and to a certain extent it was, but I did struggle with the facings – I never seem to be able to get them to lie flat. It also took me several attempts to get the zip into the side seam to my satisfaction, in fact I don’t think I’ve ever sewn a zip into any garment and got it right first time!

One thing that seemed odd to me was that the back of the top was one piece, with darts to fit, but the front was in two parts, seamed across at waist level – I’m sure there’s a reason for it being constructed in that way. It just means it has to be worn tucked in (and is a bit odd if it starts to ‘ride up’ at the front!  In the construction photo below, the bottom panel at the front hasn’t yet been sewn on.


And this is it! The first garment I actually made in a fabric that I designed! I’ve had some lovely comments from people when I’ve worn it too which is nice.

I am going to try to write a post about each of the garments I’ve made so far. I’ve not got a huge amount of photos for all of them (in fact some I’ve only got the pattern envelope and the finished garment!) As I said earlier I’m still getting used to Social Media and trying to remember to keep photographing things as I go!

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