Homemade 1940s blouse McCalls 7277

I have 2 teenage daughters and despite my love of crafting from a young age neither of them has had any inclination to take up sewing. They are both incredibly arty and very talented on the drawing and design front but have no interest in actually creating anything that they can wear.

So I was surprised when my eldest (now 17) asked me to make her a blouse in one of my dress weight fabrics, she wanted it to wear for 6th form.

She knew exactly the style she wanted and I was happy to discover that she wanted a vintage style blouse with an open flat collar and even more happy to find a pattern on Ebay in her size for £5.99. McCalls 7277, a 1940s pattern which was a complete bargain.


She chose view A, the long sleeved version but she didn’t want the pocket. Sadly she also wanted me to omit the shaping darts since she wanted to be able to wear it untucked.



I’ve made several blouses for myself but never one with long sleeves so the cuffs were going to be a first for me but I’m glad to say it all went really well and she loves the blouse. I actually think this is the best collar I have sewn yet. As an aside the fabric is beautiful to sew with.



I am planning on making myself one very similar but in a nice brushed cotton plaid but mine will have the shaping so this has been a trial run for my own.

Now my youngest has requested a playsuit so I’m hunting for a pattern to make one for her. I’m hoping that they won’t keep finding things for me to make – I have enough problems making time to sew my own clothes!


You can check out the fabric here, https://20thcenturycloth.com/fashion-fabrics/

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