Delano wraparound skirt

I have got so many sewing projects to share it will take me forever to write up the posts, but I am going to keep adding one now and again just so you hopefully don’t get bored with the same sort of blog content.

It was only after going through all my photos that I realised just how many items of clothing I have actually made now. I have filled several gaps in my wardrobe and made some vintage items wearable by making either a top or a bottom to match which is always a bonus.

This post is about 2 items that I made.

McCalls 8634 pattern

McCalls 1950 wraparound skirt

I really wanted an easy to wear summer skirt and had this McCalls 8634 (from 1950) pattern for a wraparound skirt with a nice big pocket.

I decided to make it in my Delano fabric which is fine, but if I ever make it again I think I’ll go for something a little heavier with maybe a bit more drape.

Also the fact that I made it in a print means that the pocket isn’t immediately noticeable which is a shame since that is one of the main draws of the pattern for me.

McCalls 3202 pattern

Homemade 50s blouse

Once I’d made the skirt I realised that I didn’t really have a top to coordinate with it so I just had to make a blouse to match.

This was another McCalls pattern that I had in my stash (8634 from 1950) and was such a lovely simple make I may well end up making more of them. Only 5 pattern pieces including the facings, it came together really quickly and I made it in a lovely pastel yellow poplin. It only needed 1.5 yards of fabric.

The only thing that irritates me about it is ironing it. It doesn’t have any darts but instead has shoulder tucks and waist tucks and I find them really fiddly to iron. Often ending up with more creases in the wrong places than when I started.

McCalls 1950s blouse pattern

Handmade 50s blouse and skirt

I do like the waist tucks for wearing though – I find that blouses made this way have less bulk at the waist when tucked into either trousers of skirts which make them more comfortable in my opinion.

I also ended up making a turquoise blouse to go with this skirt too but I’ll tell you about that one another time, and I’ll leave you with a photo of the skirt in action last summer with a white blouse (also made by myself and a slightly different pattern) with our Chevy at a local car show.

Home made skirt with 57 Chevy

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